How Google’s Twitter Algorithm Works


In what ways can Google integrate live twitter updates to their search algorithm? Going from recent news updates, Google and Bing are about to feature live twitter updates to their search results. This opens up several questions on upcoming SEO practises: how is Google and Bing going to incorporate twitter into their algorithms? Check the list below for likely factors in the … [Read more...]

Straight from google: Techniques for optimizing your website

The SEO tips and techniques featured in this article were culled from the live chat that Google’s Matt Cutts granted on YouTube. Tip One: All hope for regaining ranking is not lost for penalized websites A big company’s website was penalized due to excess paid links featured on their site. The company which is JC Penney did a lot of work to fix the issues and filed a formal … [Read more...]

Benefits accruing from Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Right now, the dust has settled a bit on Google’s latest ‘farmer’ update – thus, this is the right time to let you know how you can take advantage of it as an article marketer. No doubts, some people out there are saying that this latest development means the end for article marketing – well, we’ve been hearing that for decades now. The truth is that article marketing has come … [Read more...]

Google officially announces page upload speed as ranking factor

Google has in a recent statement, made it public that they have commenced using website upload speed as part of the 200 signals that determines the placement of a website in Google's search result page. Since the speed of a page upload shows the response time of a website in replying to a web request, Google has decided to consider site speed in their search rankings. In … [Read more...]

Best 5 ways to gain a higher rank on Google

Webmasters would do their best to get listed on Google's first result page. However, a vast majority of them do not embark on the right techniques necessary for achieving this end. A single strategy will definitely not get you listed among the first 10 rankings on Google's result page. You need to work on all possible elements of your website in order to increase the chances … [Read more...]