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How Google’s Twitter Algorithm Works

In what ways can Google integrate live twitter updates to their search algorithm? Going from recent news updates, Google and Bing are about to feature live twitter updates to their search results. This opens up several questions on upcoming SEO practises: how is Google and Bing going to incorporate twitter into their algorithms? Check the […]


Search Marketing for Small Business

Two crucial announcements made by Google this week – although not directed to small businesses – are obviously meant to be noted for local search visibility in the future. Visibility on Google Maps is the focus of one of these announcements, while the second one is centred on search results of Google regarding the expansion […]


Are you the Prime Architect of failure in your own Social Media efforts?

It could be a stark reality that you have been employing social media techniques for quite a reasonable time, and that you have had little or no success with your entire effort and time. Do not rashly conclude that the method or network you are using is the problem. It could be that you are […]


A Realistic guide to Link Building

Whether it’s the large corporations or small business establishments, search engines play a very crucial role in their growth and hence in their promotion efforts. The most popular way of finding websites is through search engines; you will get more visitors if your site shows up frequently on the search engines. The major determining factor […]


Expand your business with well planned strategies on LinkedIn

Social media doesn’t just mean socializing and being personal. It has grown as the most vibrant branch of the media for mass and targeted communication. Social networking websites are potential resources to business expansion and success. Although regarded as a place for those looking for job at one point in time, LinkedIn has been recognized […]

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Achieve 30% Costs Reduction with Click-to-Calls – Boost Conversion Rates

Google constantly recounts how the ‘click-to-call ads feature’, it introduced at the beginning of this year is making acquisition-cost lower for advertisers. Case study from Esurance A case study from Esurance was pointed to by Google. “An iPhone app that makes quotes, claim resources, and make insurance info available to users was developed by Esurance”. […]