Link Baiting Packages

Don’t get overwhelmed by the term ‘Link Baiting’, it is just another term used for Natural and Viral Link Building.

Why Is Link Baiting Service Necessary?

As competition online gets fiercer each day, webmasters are coming up with new strategies to stay ahead of their competition.

Link baiting is a notable SEO concept; the underlying idea with this concept is to build a completely unique concept that would be circulated in significantly trafficked media.

If your published content is exceptional, many web visitors will be attracted to it, and a good number of sites will insert links to your content in their own websites.
This way, you will generate organic one-way link back to your site.

Our service ensures that a lot of web visitors see your article by getting it published in
highly trafficked social networking sites. With the passage of time,
the amount of your one-way links will grow significantly.

Your website will surely be noticed by Google since the increasing
number of one-way links will get the attention of search engine spiders.

Of course, you should know by now that one-way links
generated through this procedure is completely appealing to Google.
An SEO expert Matt Cutts, has confirmed that link baiting is an SEO
technique that is highly search engine-friendly.

Benefits of our Link Building Service

We submit to all directories manually; our staff consists of trained experts; they know the
submission rules and adhere strictly to them.
We ensure that your site stays fresh with original and completely unique content.
Our strategies would ensure that search engines visit your website quite often.
The links you will generate are one-way and natural.
Your brand name will be eventually established.
Your site is viewed faster by any web visitor.
Massive links are generated within a short duration.
We will ensure the optimization of your site with different targeted
keywords that are relevant to your niche.
Massive traffic would be driven to your site.

Procedure Involved

First of all, your site is reviewed; subsequently, relevant and compelling blog
posts that best match your site are created.
You will get to review the blog posts first before we proceed; subsequently,
the posts will be hosted in your site, or you can choose to let us host it for you
by giving us access to your blog.

Your blog posts will be published in over 200 high trafficked social
network websites – this is a strategic one-way links generation,
as well as target-audience attracting strategy.
We will provide you with detailed report of the service rendered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have content writers?
Our team of expert writers will create exceptional informative content for you,
which would be posted to your site.

But first of all, there is need to install a blog script to your site –
Word Press is highly recommended.

How do you achieve social bookmarking of each blog post?
We have effective strategies for achieving social bookmarking of
your blog posts after uploading them to your site.

Can you install Word Press Script on my site?
Sure, we will gladly do that for you.
We also help you achieve other blog platform features.
Here are our Packages:

# Posts
# of Bookmarks
1000 (200 per Blog Post)
30 Days
$ 289
10 LBS
2000 (200 per Blog Post)
30 Days
$ 449
15 LBS
3000 (200 per Blog Post)
30 Days
$ 649
30 LBS
6000 (200 per Blog Post)
30 Days
$ 1199

Contacting Us:
You can call us on 850 254 8760 or please complete our online inquiry form here