Blog Commenting Package

Effective blog commenting service offered here is
a great way to achieve quality link building.
Blog commenting is a proven link building strategy

Features of Our Blog Commenting Service
Including ‘comments posting’ on various blogs.
Unlike most blog commenting service providers, we don’t wait for blog moderator’s approval of the blog comments for the blogs to become publicly visible via search engines, but we guarantee you that we have an official way of achieving faster blog comment approval.

Once completed we will then make a detailed report of the commenting service to you with the landing pages so that you can confirm where your links were submitted.

You always have access to check live links as well as the linking pages.

We embark on a complete manual blog commenting service;
we do not employ any software for this service.

Our experts place all the links in the blog comments manually;
the comments are written by experts, so you have only high quality and relevant blog comments.

The maximum length for each blog post comment is 25 words, each post is placed manually with relevant anchor link text in blog pages that feature DoFollow attribute.

To avoid disapproval of the blog comments, direct marketing messages are not included in the blogs.
We do what is best, making only relevant posts to the post featured in the selected blogs.

Our blog comments are concise, natural and interactive-toned;
we ensure that your websites’ links are included in the comment.

Top Benefits of Our Blog Commenting Service
The blog commenting service that we offer comes with two significant benefits.

1. The first benefit is that you will derive the most highly rated links for your site.
This is because the links generated from related blogs feature a large number of relevant content that would ultimately add value to your site.

2. The second top benefit of our blog commenting service is that you have great opportunities of generating substantial measure of traffic to your site, routed via the URLs in the blog comments.

In addition, our blog commenting service comes with good and highly flexible package.
Also, the links you will get are one-way and permanent. We welcome dating, casino as well as gambling sites – pornographic sites are not welcomed!

We do not spam blogs, we are different from many blog post commenting service that you know.

We use only blog sites that are renowned and well established; we cannot use new blog sites that are not yet indexed by Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your blogs usually approved as they are submitted?
A: We guarantee you 100% blog comments approval.
Of course, you will get a detailed report after the service, which includes the landing pages so
that you can verify things yourself.

Q: Are the links going to be permanent?

A: Sure, we offer only one-way and permanent links
of which you would not have to pay additional fee to keep alive.
The links’ value will also increase with time, alongside with the traffic you get.

Q: Who are the comments creators?
A: We work with a team of blog post comments experts;
they will create relevant and quality blog posts comments for you.

Ordering one of these Packs:

# of Comments
Duration (Days)
# of Reports
50 BCS
15 Days
$ 199
100 BCS
30 Days
$ 295
200 BCS
45 Days
$ 399

Contacting Us:

You can call us on  850 254 8760 or please complete our online inquiry form here