Article Promotion

What is article promotion or marketing?

Simply put, it involves creating and promoting articles
with the intention of promoting your products and services.

Articles are made visible to the public by publishing them on a number
of websites whose primary business is to promote online content.

The benefits of article promotion are numerous and mainly comprise of the following:

1. Articles attract visitors to your website

When articles about your business or products are created and distributed to dozens of online publication websites, you can engage a very large market and attract numerous visitors to your website.

2. Article is a good means to establish yourself as an expert in your field

Quality articles will give you and your business a firm stand in your field of activity.
It gives credibility to your brand. This is because, people research extensively about a product before making a purchase.
The quality of your presentation could give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Article helps to build your website link popularity

Link popularity is one of the key factors that determine the ranking of your website on the major search engines.
Articles submitted to other websites with backlinks, enhance your website link popularity and subsequently raise your ranking among search engines.
This attracts more visitors to your website.

4. Articles help you generate sales for your products

Most visitors won’t just buy a product having seen an advertisement.
They usually tend to carry out research about the product before they make the actual purchase.
If these visitors find more convincing information through your article in the process of research, their enhanced confidence will lead them to buy from your website.

5. Constant traffic generation

Since the articles will remain listed on the online publication websites for years, they will continue generating a constant stream of traffic.

6. Free traffic generation

Article marketing will only cost you the time to create and distribute the articles.
It is a very effective means of generating recurring free traffic.

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