Other Services

As an Internet Marketing company, the services that are provided by us are varied. Besides making the website Search Engine Optimized, we also offer other services like:

  • Internet marketing consultancy:
    Being one of the major services provided by us, we have highly qualified experts who develop marketing strategies for your product which yield high results.
    The strategies and plans that will be unique for individual businesses are formulated.
    We also advise business owners about the marketing approach that will be suitable for their business.
  • Internet marketing:
    Products and services of the client are promoted online for better business prospects.
    Different marketing tools are used to promote the website on the net.
  • Website promotion:
    The clients’ existing websites are promoted by targeting it directly to the niche market.
    Traffic to the website is also increased by link building and RSS feeds as well as Off page optimization.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
    The websites are promoted on search engines by making them keyword dense and search engine friendly.
    Search engine marketing increases the business to a great extent.
  • Search Engine Optimization:
    Modifications are made to the websites so that they are optimized in the search engines.
    The websites are adjusted in such a way that they gain high organic rankings.
  • Paid Listing/Sponsored Listing:
    Websites are ranked high with paid or sponsored listing.
    This short term strategy includes pay per click plan to rank the website optimally.
    Though it is a bit costly, we employ latest winning techniques that offer value for money by attracting potential business prospects.
  • Email Marketing Solutions:
    This is a successful tool used to send emails to the prospective and existing customers in order to boost product sale.
    Email marketing, especially the one that takes prior permission from the receivers, has shown that it works extremely well and that it has contributed immensely towards increase in business.
  • Website development:
    We also help the client to launch their websites which are not only attractive but also contain all important information about their business.
    These websites are developed in such a way that they are interactive besides being informative.
  • Submission plans:
    Website details are submitted to the trust rank sites and online hubs so that it may be indexed quickly.
    This saves you time and the website is in the market at the earliest.
  • Link building:
    It is to increase both the popularity of websites and the conversion of business sales rate that the link building process is used to a great extent.
  • Social media marketing:
    Websites are promoted through the social media including social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
    Threads are also floated on the social networks so as to get feedbacks on the product.
  • Online copywriting:
    Relevant text matter and quality contents are provided so as to promote the website in a better way.
    Search Engine Optimized contents can promote a website manifold and thus bring about better business.
  • Website Analytic and Visitor tracking:
    Clients are provided with information about the visitors to their website and the actual sale conversion.
    Behavior and activities of the visitors can also be effectively monitored.
  • Article marketing:
    Business websites of the clients are promoted by writing articles about them on the internet.
    It may include reviews and press releases.

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