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LinkedIn has emerged as the topmost essential business-inclined
professional networking site. This business-oriented social
networking site promotes the interconnection of a network
of professional experts from around the globe.

It represents 200 countries and hundreds of leading industries.
Using LinkedIn you can discover, get introduced to and team up with competent
professionals for your business endeavors so that your goals and needs are perfectly accomplished.

This business-inclined social networking site permits registered users to have a list of contact
details of those they know and can vouch for their integrity in business undertakings.

Considering the present global linked economy, it is beneficial to have a professional
account on LinkedIn for your employees and your company as well. Going by the fact that LinkedIn facilitates the competitiveness of your business, this social networking site can improve the success and productivity of your company
if it is well employed.

You can utilize this professional social platform in a wide range of ways:

  • You gain access not only to contact networks incorporated with direct connections,
    but also with each of the ‘connections’ of such direct connections (known as 2nd-degree connections).
    It doesn’t end here. You gain access to the connections of these second degree connections as well.
  • These connections are useful for enhancement of your business opportunities, and in the process
    of your discovery for potential partners.
  • Job listing and searching of prospective candidates can be done by companies.
  • Enhancement of online presence, and great opportunities to be introduced to prospective customers,
    service providers, as well as subject professionals that come as referrals.
  • Project collaborations are possible among companies.
  • New ideas are acquired via discussions with compatible experts in private group forums or settings.
  • Job listings can be posted and distributed in order to discover the best suited skills for your company.

Our services include setting up your company LinkedIn account to incorporate;

  • LinkedIn Strategy – Enhancement of brand, Sales, Corporate News and Brain storming ideas.
  • Activity on related LinkedIn groups as well as discussion forums.
  • LinkedIn company profile which includes corporate identity as well as company info for the purpose of exploring prospective customers.
  • Twitter, blogs, and SlideShare synchronization into your company’s LinkedIn account.

Benefits of Employing LinkedIn as a Strategic Technique for Promoting Business

  • Online visibility is increased
  • Connect-ability improvement
  • Google Page rank improvement
  • Growth of the company and also the industry can be measured
  • Enhancement in the search engine results
  • Establishment of new business relationships
  • Enhanced opportunities for competitive partners and potential customers
  • Your company’s profile is incorporated into the personal profile of your employees
  • Ability to look for fresh business opportunities
  • Related professional connections are added to your LinkedIn network

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