Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process whereby, the website
gets listed when certain keywords are typed into the search engine.

These keywords are extremely relevant to attract traffic towards the website
which ultimately converts into sales. The optimization is performed in such
a way that each individual page ranks high on the search engines.
This can be done by optimizing the pages with individual keywords.

The advantages of SEO

  • Search engine optimized websites are ranked higher so that whenever
    anyone searches for a particular keyword that the website reflects,
    that particular website will get listed in the search results.
  • Search engine optimization is free and the business will increase if the
    website is reflected on the search engine organically.
  • People will judge the website as the best in the field and they would like to
    purchase the product that appears higher on the search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization plan for an existing website


First of all, the objective of search engine optimization has to be formulated so as to develop the plan accordingly.
One of the major aims for any website would be to increase the number of keywords that are targeted.
This will naturally reflect the website better and it would be ranked higher.

Explore Keywords

It is important to find the keywords that are relevant to the website and the product.
The keywords should be generated in such a way that they are quickly reflected in the search engines.
There are two ways of doing it – one is by using unique keywords relevant to the niche market and the second is to include the most popular keywords that are pertinent to the business and the search engine.

Analysis of the website

it is important to analyze the performance of the website from time to time.
It should be examined if something new has to be added to increase the traffic and business of the website.
The architecture of the website should also be periodically monitored to make it search engine friendly.

Modification to the website

If after analysis it is found that there are some shortcomings in the present website, they ought to be modified according to the requirements.
New additional contents can be added and it can also be made more keyword optimized.

Monitoring the performance

Performance of the website should be constantly checked.
The visitors and sales conversion should be monitored regularly.
Natural ranking of the website should also be measured.
There can be a feedback option available for the visitors to rate the website.

Review of the website

Once the performance of the website is monitored on the search engines, it become necessary to review if anything on the site content requires any modification or not.
If any modification is required, it can be done after reviewing the strategy.

Promotion of the website

The promotion of website should be done continuously through link building.
This will keep the website on the higher side of rankings on the search engine.

The development of Search Engine Optimization plan differs for every website and effective SEO plan is a must for achieving higher rank for the website.

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