Tips and advice on how to run an effective Email marketing campaign

Using email is an incredibly innovative way to market your business and can have profound effects
on the growth of your business. The opportunities that email affords can sometimes be missed in the
light of the expansion of social media but there are some distinct advantages that emailing has over
any other marketing methods, including mailing pamphlets to customers.

Monitoring the success of your campaign
Certain information can be obtained from an emailing campaign so that you can elicit details that
will indicate how successful the campaign has been. For instance, certain tools will allow you to
gauge how many people have received and opened your mail. You could also find out how many
people have used the link you have included in the email to assess how interested your contact
list is in the content you are sending out.

Designing the content of your email
How your email looks and what you include in it is important if you want a high conversion rate.
To get people interested and to get them clicking on the links you add to your mail you should
think about the images that you put in the mail shot and what news you have for your customers.
Your content is important because if you are too send out anything that is mostly imagery
without text then an inbox might recognise it as spam and your contact list will never receive it.

Keeping your content interesting
It is important to note that the people who receive your mail may choose to look at their emails
through preview panes without opening up the whole email. If this is the case they will decide
whether to bother with the information you have sent out by assessing the first few lines of content.
As such, you should ensure that whatever you choose to open with should be catchy and grab the
receiver’s attention.

Internet Marketing Packages

Opening with a catchy subject line
Your subject line is part of the email and part of the content so just as your email should be
interesting, your subject should be too. The most convenient aspect of your email marketing
campaign is that your email can be read anywhere and at any time. Unlike a direct mailing
campaign your recipients do not need to be at home to see what you have sent out. They can
receive your content right to their phones and access it at a time that is convenient for them.

Promoting incentives
Email campaigns are great to advertise a discount or incentive that you are launching. If you are
promoting a new product or service then you can email your contact list to tell them all about it.
Any new and exciting news that you want to tell your customers about that they can benefit from
should be shared through an email campaign which can be created and sent out in a short space
of time in comparison with other marketing campaigns.





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