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May 27, 2015

Using twitter as an effective communication tool for your business

You might have been told that Twitter should be avoided and that it has no benefit for your business,
but it is well worth considering this in more depth, because in actual fact Twitter can be used in a
number of ways so that you can stay in touch with your employees and manage your reputation.

Reaching out to your employees
If you are part of a large or growing business it can
sometimes be difficult to stay connected to your
workforce and communicate with them regularly
about any corporate changes, or any successes
your business has experienced. Sharing information
is important in any industry and using Twitter to
stay connected is a great way to do this. Using
Twitter and other social networking sites shows
that you have a working knowledge of the networks
that are used and that you are forward-thinking rather
than rigid and unwilling to move with the times. This
alone can inspire confidence.

Staying in touch with the media
Those who write about the industry you operate in,
or more specifically, your business, will want to
make contact with you from time to time for a comment,
for instance. Twitter is a great way to allow people to
connect with you directly and for you to connect with them. You can share links
to articles that have been  written about your business or information that you
think people would benefit from hearing about if it  relates to your industry. You
could even suggest ideas  to bloggers that they can write about and that you will
link to.

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Stay updated about issues that matter to you
You can use Twitter to keep updated with changes that are happening in your
industry that relate to your  competitors. You can do all of this from your own
phone so that you can stay updated throughout the day. You  can use your
phone to upload photographs too so that you can remain in touch and tweeting
while you are on the move.

Building Relationships
You can work on existing relationships by replying to tweets or posting links that
endore other companies. You might wonder what the value in this is but it is in
the reciprocity because the more you do this for others the more likely others are
to endorse you. You might find that there are plenty of people out there who will
be happy to endorse you and will promote your business for you in the form of
links and posts.

Staying current with the latest social trends
Being ‘in the know’ is remarkably valuable. Whether you use Twitter to stay abreast
of issues that affect your industry or whether you use it to keep informed with social
trends, you will be putting yourself in a position of knowledge so that should you be
asked about a particular issue you will already be in a position to comment. You can
ensure you are ahead of the game by using Twitter on your very phone throughout
the day.

Using twitter lists effectively

Twitter lists are a great way to organise your contacts and the people you are following on Twitter so
that you can really get the most out of the site and be as efficient as possible in the way that you use it.
You can group the people you are following according to your own definitions and then you can track
tweets from others that are relevant to these groups even if you aren’t currently following them.

Stay in Contact in a Focused Way
If you have a list you can stay in contact with people and what they
are doing in a more specific way, which will prevent your feeds from
becoming too cluttered. This will ultimately mean that you can
manage your feeds in a more organised way and locate the
information you are looking for more easily.

Find Feeds More Easily
The feature lets you find people that are tweeting about topics you
are interested in more easily too and because you can group people
together you can access your groups quickly to find out what they are
tweeting about rather than having to search through your entire
contacts list. You can access your groups and start to tweet on the
topics they are talking about too. If you want to group people without
following them this is also possible as you are only following the ‘list’
rather than the people in it.

Appear in other People’s Listings
It is equally important that you appear in targeted listings. This will make you more visible especially to
people who are related to your business for instance. Appearing in lists makes it easier for people to find
you too. You can organise your groups according to any feature, whether it be conversation topic, people
related to your work, or people you usually retweet. You could offer a list of people that tweet about
certain items to your followers.

How to do it….
Creating a Twitter list is easy, you simply select ‘create new list’ and choose a name, which will preferably
be search engine optimised. You can make your list public or you can hide it, the choice is yours. You can
add and remove users as much or as little as you want. You can use pages to add people or you can use
your profile, or both.

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Why it is worth taking the time….
Twitter is a great way to market yourself and your business so it is well worthwhile. It might take a few
moments to get organised and group people but it is important that you take this opportunity and make the
most out of the feature. Once you have done this you will want to participate in group activity. There is little
point using Twitter lists to organise your Twitter community if you are not going to become actively involved.
Start your own topics and tweet people who have posted about topics you are interested in. Rather than get
bogged down in rapidly increasing the number of followers you have, concentrate on targeting the lists you
appear on and the number of lists you have as this will give you the greatest marketing advantage.


Using twitter to promote your business

Twitter is a great social media to use, especially if you are looking to promote yourself and you want
to understand your potential target market. The more people you have that follow you the better
and the more likely it is that they will see what you are up to and become interested in your activities.
There are lots of ways that you can boost the number of followers you have and here we look at some
of the best tips available.

Use Twitter Tools
Twitter Tools is a great way to add to your contact list and if you follow others they
may start to follow you. You can contact people via email to tell them why you would
like them to follow you and what you think you can offer. Follow-ups like this can really
boost the attention you receive.

Use your social media
You can use any other form of social media you currently use to publicise the fact that you are
now using Twitter too. This is likely to direct your friends on other sites towards Twitter if they
are already a member and start following you. Make sure that you use all other forms of media
you use and update people regularly that you are using Twitter and tell them about what they
can read about you next time you write your status. There is also the option to post to Facebook
from Twitter so that people can start to become interested in your Twitter feeds even if they are
not members themselves. You may end up encouraging friends to join just so that they can read
your tweets.

Add it to your signature
When you sign off on your emails add your Twitter details to it so that every time one of your
email contacts receives something from you they will also have the opportunity to add you as
a contact on Twitter.

Blog about Twitter
If you blog then this is also a good opportunity to direct attention to yourself on Twitter and
you can also include a link in the content.

Add Twitter Widget
Add a Twitter widget to your site so that people can not only see that you use it but can go on
and follow you so they can keep up to date with your tweets.

Use Twitter Directories
Twitter listings exist so that people can find information about you and can follow you. It is
good to find out what these are and add in your own details to start attracting even more followers.

Add to your home page
Your profile page can be altered and designed to give as much information about you as you
want so the more interesting it is the more people will want to follow you as a result so
remember to work on it to get it looking good.

Keep your activity level high
Your level of activity is important so make sure you answer people’s tweets in a timely manner
and post things for people to read about on a regular basis. The higher your level of activity the
more people will be interested in what you are saying and doing.

Keep your posts interesting
Don’t post just for the sake of posting. What you say should be interesting and appealing so that
people will want to comment on it and continue following you.

Guest blog for major Tweeters
It is possible to contact people who have a large number of followers and offer to blog for them so
that they will promote your post for you through Twitter. This can increase the amount of
publicity you get.

Add links to your articles
You may already be writing articles for your site online and if you do you might want to link to
them through your Twitter posts so that others can go and read them. This improves the quality
of your Twitter posts as well.

Talk about Twitter online
If you are actively involved in blogging and forums then you can talk about Twitter and draw
attention to your own Twitter profile at the same time. In so doing you are inviting people to
come and follow you.

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Ask your followers to suggest followers
Once you become an established Twitter ‘player’ you can encourage your existing followers to
invite their contacts to follow you too by publicising the fact that you are looking to boost your
number of followers. It is likely that some of them will try to do this for you.

Organise a competition
Use your website and the other forms of social media that you currently use to incentivise
people to follow you. This could come in the form of a contest for instance, which might involve
giving a prize to the contact that gives you the highest number of followers.

Use Twitter as your home page
One option is to replace your website’s home page with your Twitter profile page so that people
immediately know you are using Twitter and can follow you. They can then go through this landing
page to navigate through the remainder of your website.

Add your Twitter details to your business cards
If you use business cards then when you next print them, have the details of your Twitter URL
added to the bottom so people have an extra way to get in touch and find out about your business.

Keep following
Find new people that you can follow every day in the event that they may follow you in return.
If someone starts to follow you then follow them to heighten your profile so that their followers
may become interested in you too.

Talk to fellow Twitter fans
There are plenty of online organisations dedicated to discussion about Twitter and joining these
will give you more opportunities to discuss your own Twitter account. You will be talking to people
who enjoy using Twitter so it is likely that they will want to follow you.

If you attend gatherings organised by people who use Twitter then you can meet people who are
following you face to face. This will add to the relationship and give more clout to your following

Think of new ideas
Be bold and original with your ideas. Use any way you can think of to maximise the attention that
you receive on Twitter so that you can boost your followers.


Tips on how to get more followers on twitter

If you are looking to increase your twitter following, either to generate more traffic to
your website or to enhance your online business. Building a larger more relevant
twitter following is a very effective way to assist you in this end. Here are tips on
how to build your following on twitter.

First of all Identify more users who are relevant to your Niche or topic
If you are promoting a certain product or service; then there is probably a
sub network or virtual community on twitter that will be interested in your
wares. The key is to identify these users and engage with them. So the first
thing to do is to search for more users who are chatting on topics that relate
to your Business and follow them, if you find their content of interest then
share it with your existing followers by retweeting their content, if they see
this they may follow you back, The next task is to identify more authority
twitter users, people who focus on your topic and have built up a strong profile
in terms of content and a strong following; is an excellent tool for establishing these users.
So know the leaders and the nature of the content being shared by them within your target community.

Create and share more with others.
Read others tweets, retweet interesting ones, buy doing this you will build good will with the people
you are retweeting, also others are more likely to retweet your content if you have retweeted theirs.
Also share links to other external resources that people within your niche will find of interest, add
value and engage with everyone is constructive way with the aim of making new friends..

Typically participants will not hesitate to put up the content on their various networks. Such content
will naturally spread like wildfire. And those who share your content will definitely want to follow you
also. Some may even love to list you as well.

Smart Following is better than Mass Following
It doesn’t matter if all you are trying to do is generate traffic back to your website; random following is
never result-oriented in its true sense. It is better to identify the right people, provide answers to
questions asked, search out existing conversations and respond to them accordingly. The process
and its result may appear slower, but it is the most natural way to find and connect with people who
will be encouraged to buy your wares.

Remain in Your Field
Can you really add value to a niche other than your niche? It is better to remain in your niche, where you
have people that need your expertise and knowledge. So, consider retweeting only conversations that are
related to your field or niche.

Email Signatures
Your email is a powerful tool – think for a moment, the number of people you send emails on a daily basis.
Include your Twitter link to your signature. Tools such as WiseStamp are very helpful for this purpose and
the plug-in is easy to install.

Other tips for generating organic Twitter following include offline promotion, inviting people to follow you
on your blog, managing your tweets effectively and avoiding the use of auto responders.

How to achieve a quality twitter following

Tweeter is no longer something new. Today, everybody knows about Twitter;
your folks, friends and even grannies are all twitting. If you have an online
business, how can you take advantage of Twitter to grow your online business?

Here are tips and tricks that work.

Real Photos Count a Lot
Social platform users prefer to connect with real faces, not logos or some images.
So, use your real photo in your Twitter page instead of company image or logo.
Besides, using a business logo would only create the impression that it is all
about boring sales tone, this is a huge turn off for most social network users.

Your Bio Line
Your bio line comes before your tweets; people would want to know if you are worth following through your bio line. Remember, only 160 characters are available for your bio line, so don’t blab, ensure that you maximize it. Avoid using a sales pitch or making it spammy. Just use the right words to describe yourself and your business. You can also include the URL to your blog or website.

Tips on Getting People to Follow You on Twitter
Your email list or business contacts serve as viable tool for achieving twitter following. If these people are Twitter users already, invite them to follow you. Include your Twitter URL on your site, in your email signature as well as blogs – you are indirectly asking people to follow you on twitter. Other places you can incorporate your Twitter URL include your flyers, business cards and other conventional business materials.

A helpful thing to do is to register at for free – this is the Yellow Pages of Twitter users. You will be listed in a Twitter directory in your business niche. Take advantage of every opportunity to spread the news about your presence on Twitter. Include your Twitter URL in your Facebook page and get the link spreading as you share it for your friends on Facebook.

The most beneficial following on Twitter is when you follow the authorities as well as regular Twitter users in your specific niche. This will help you to know how you can enhance your result and you will get to interact more with like-minds.

By nature, humans are very curious. They would want to know who is following who, so they will regularly follow the links to know the caliber of people following those in their niche. Thus, concentrate more on seeking followers who share the same business line and interest with you. Don’t be passive, be part of the conversations and give your own advice.

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and watch followers flow naturally to you.


Twitter – An excellent tool for strengthening business relationships

One of the major reasons for the massive movement of companies to Twitter is the benefit of achieving enhanced business relationships. You can become very close to your business partners as well as customers by using Twitter regularly – with the end result of increased sales and business activities.  So, Twitter is one of the best online business marketing tools that you can take advantage of.

Building business relationships with twitter, why is it needful?

  • You don’t pay anything for it
  • It is highly possible that your target audience members are Twitter users
  • Your competitors are also most likely to be on Twitter platform
  • It helps you achieve increased online visibility
  • Other benefits such as better reputation management and more traffic

However, you must know what to do and what not to do when using Twitter to build business relationships.

The Do’s

  • Identifying your audience
    Some of the things you have to do include indentifying who your actual audience is, and direct all your effort towards connecting with them at the spots they congregate online. So, determine whether you want to communicate with your customers, people within a particular industry or those within your niche or industry.
  • Interact with your followers always
  • Being an absentee Twitter user is not helpful – create quality time to interact with those that are following you on Twitter (this technique is also applicable to all social media platforms). There are several ways you can initiate interaction with your followers – contests and polls are among the effective techniques for this purpose.
  • Pay attention to people
    Don’t do all the talking, also pay attention to what others are saying or doing. Take time to read through your Twitter feed to know what your connections are saying so that you can respond accordingly. One of the benefits of being a good listener is that you would discover who your target audience really is. Also, being a good listener can provide you insightful ideas for making the best business decisions.

The Don’ts

  • Follow with caution
    The number of people following you on Twitter or any social media platform is not a true measure of social media marketing success. So, don’t go gaga with ‘following’,  you may not be able to build meaningful relationship if you follow too many people. Follow people minimally and stay focused.
  • Don’t be impersonal
    A lot of companies on Twitter platform sound so corporate; this does not augur well with relationship building on social media platforms. Instead, you will end up boring your connections with your bland talks. You need to substantially incorporate personal touch with your connections in order to keep them as long as possible.

How applicable is twitter to business?

Twitter – the micro-blogging platform known to just a few people, until a few months back, has gone mainstream with more than six million subscribers. Of course, this number is growing on a daily basis. Even renowned news outlets including CNN, Fox News and others are leveraging Twitter platform to assess the reaction of viewers and have come up with discussions regarding breaking stories and issues.

So, let’s answer the question; how applicable is Twitter to business? Is it just another social networking platform, or does it have any business value?

By experience, Twitter is very beneficial for small and large businesses. The only distraction this platform may constitute is not allowing you to have time for family and friends – once you are stuck with Twitter and the huge benefits it offers your business, it is difficult to allocate time for pleasure.

Here are top ways by which Twitter can be beneficial to your business:

  • Twitter Places a Human Face on Your Business or Company
    Blog is a useful tool when it comes to placing a human face to any business (making a company to be more personable). But, unlike Twitter, you need to write when blog is involved. Using Twitter to accomplish this task requires a maximum limit of 140 characters for every entry.In addition, you may not always be mindful of your posts when using Twitter; you could just tweet for fun, yet achieve a personable identity on a corporate image with a seemingly trivial tweet.
  • Promoting Product and/or service
    With substantial followers, you can start promoting your offerings. Bear in mind that a good number of Twitter users would use specific search queries to find their subjects of interest. Thus, ensure that you use keywords related to your business – this can even bring you people who are not originally your followers.

Warning: Ensure that you promote your offerings tactfully on Twitter and any social media forum.  Don’t be all out ‘tooting your own horn’ – ensure that you contribute meaningfully to other issues discussed on the platform. You can emulate companies such as M&M, Southwest Air and a few others who use Twitter platform in a balanced way – mixing fun and business promotion on Twitter platform.

  • Reaching Out to the Community
    When it comes to reaching out to a community of people, Twitter is a valuable tool. I’ve witnessed the use of Twitter platform to point people’s attention to charitable causes e.g. breast cancer awareness. You can also use Twitter to connect with people at particular events such as parties, conferences, local gatherings etc. You may ask how relevant and beneficial this can be to a business. Don’t forget that you need to work towards building a community around your offerings – this is where Twitter would come handy. When you set up your company’s Twitter profile and send invitation to your responsive customers and prospects, you are connecting directly to them.

Also, Twitter helps you to carry out polls/surveys about how people view your product or services. You can also achieve brand management with Twitter. There’s a whole lot you can do to grow your business using Twitter platform.

Golden ratio of twitter – (no one wants to talk about it)

When you come to Twitter platform as a novice, you will find that everything is easy-going. You will get alert about a follower – perhaps you would also respond by following the person in return. Of course, you would certainly need some tweets in your stream. After a while, you will start being choosy about who follows you – you will start scrutinizing their profiles and most current tweets. Eventually, you will resort to the secret ratio which everyone is aware of (although they may or may not realize it) to assess who is worth following: ‘Followers vs. ‘Following’.

When someone is following less people and has more people following him or her instead, such person is possibly worth following. On the other hand, when people are following more people and have less people following them, then the reverse is likely to be the case.

Here’s the reason why this would work, so the email alert that pops up when you have a follower, brings this info to the front and center. Following their profile image, here are the contents of these emails;

  1. How many people that are following the user
  2. The count (number of tweets made)
  3. How many people the user is following

In a situation where number 1 is greater than number 3 (which we could term ‘positive ratio’), it may be worthwhile clicking through the individual’s profile. If the difference between number 1 and number 3 is much – invariably, such users are worth looking at (at least). On the other hand, if number 3 is much greater than number 1 (which is termed negative ratio), it is most likely that such users are spamming, or are marketers. A case of close to ‘even ratio’ implies that such persons could be considered – on a case-by-case basis.

However, exceptions to the cases always exist. For instance, going on a user-by-user basis, users would have friends whose ratios are negative – but they don’t mind following them, not bothering about the negative ratio. Nevertheless, going by the large-scale basis, if you are having multiple requests which you need to sort through, the system works in a desirable manner.

Here’s the fact; although majority of the people are aware to an extent that these ratios exist, they prefer not to talk about them – their reason being that it tends to be contrary to the basic modus operandi of social networking; the notion that when you become someone’s follower, whether or not you admit it, you would desire that they follow you in return. Well, thanks to Twitter’s asymmetric social graph, things do not work that way on Twitter platform quite often.

This is hence the reason for Twitter ecosystem that features more negative ratio users when compared to the regular norm in social networking sites. And you know that no one wants to hear that they are not unique and admirable snowflake – so, it is understandable if some people pick offence at this post. Well, that doesn’t change the fact.

The conclusion of the matter is that, it does not make much sense following thousands of people. From experience, it is usually spammers or marketers that indulge in massive following. Let me quickly say that this rule may not apply to new users who are trying to build following – thus the ratio factor may not apply at this stage.

Acquiring twitter followers without the mass following tool

Needless to say, you would possibly need more Twitter followers to boost traffic or enhance business opportunities. Well, you have your reasons.

The term ‘Organic’ is an important phrase in this article. Organic result is very healthy and desirable. For instance, in a search, organic result pays off well than paid results. With inbound marketing, your results are enhanced, compared to pushing sales and chasing business – you also feel peace within.

You should carry on this mentality to the Twitter platform. Although this would take a longer time, but you will achieve a firm and valuable following that grows naturally with the right foundation.

Looking for a way to grow your Twitter following organically? Here are valuable tips:

  • Understand your niche
    This is simply paying attention and having understanding about the mode of your community’s movement on Twitter. Find out who the real leaders are, the type of content that is being shared, the widely sought-after blogs and the rest. Work out ways you can be an active participant, add value and enhance the present conversation. In essence, see how you can outdo the leaders and direct the attention to yourself.
  • Be Creative/Resourceful
    No doubts, it helps to share less of your content and more of others’ – but most importantly, the content you share should be the ones that are most valuable and most relevant to your network – it is not enough throwing in links just because they look like what is obtainable in your niche. When you constantly post valuable stuff, it would generate a lot of retweets and make you an authority in your network.
  • Create Content that Users would Love to Share
    Before you create any content, consider if the content would be appealing to people, to the extent that they would want to share it in their own network. When your posts are insightful and bring solution to issues in your industry, people would not hesitate to share such posts since they are also working towards being resourceful in their own network. And, if rockstars in your market niche happen to be the ones sharing your posts, such posts can travel like wildfire! Those who share your content would ultimately become your followers and even ‘list’ you sometimes.
  • Stay Focused on Your Field
    You will only be constituting a nuisance by dabbling into a field you have little or no knowledge about. Remain in your field where you can add value to others in your niche using your expertise. You can minimally retweet what another field’s tweeter posts; anything contrary can make you lose your credibility and the high esteem people have already conferred to you, and they may start ignoring your tweets – so stay in your field.
  • Be a Smart Follower – Follow Less
    You will not go far by indulging in random following – it doesn’t matter whether all you are trying to do is to point some traffic back to your webpage – these people couldn’t hold you in high esteem. The right thing to do is to spot the right persons, lay your hands on existing conversations, and provide answers to questions raised. Even though the process appears slow, it would eventually connect you with the right people.

Other organic ways to acquire quality Twitter following include engaging in conversations, managing your tweets effectively, email signatures, offline promotion, inviting people to follow you on your blog and avoiding auto-responders.

Excellent Tweeting tips for 2011

To get more innovative with Tweeter in 2011, these top tweeting tips will be very helpful.

  • Embark on Networks Expansion
    On Twitter platform, you can be part of topic groups that are relevant to your career and business, and you can gain useful information by scanning the tweets of others. You will also attract new customers as well as prospective business partners. Carry out a search on keywords that are relevant to your offering on Twitter Search and follow the users subsequently.
  • Place Emphasis on Your Tweets
    On Twitter platform, you can use 140 characters to share the latest events as well as news associated with your business. Set up a Twitter feed specifically for alerting customers of new products.
  • Make Yourself Credible
    One of the ways to do this is to create awareness of your free seminars, workshops or web meetings (if you do such), and inform people when the event is kicking off, how to be a participant and also be part of those who will tweet it.
  • Share Info on Twitter
    You can use Twitter to drive traffic to your webpages. You can also embark on information sharing, particularly info that your prospects as well as employers would find relevant. This will enhance your credibility as well.
  • Freebies, Deals and Promotions
    Give out something to the people following you on Twitter. This will serve as incentive. Consider things like discounts, free coupons, samples and package deals. This helps to make your offerings popular
  • Handle Complaints Competently
    When you openly accept and respond to customer’s complaints appropriately, your reputation would be boosted.
  • Interact with Your Competitors
    You can follow up your competitors’ tweets to know how to strategize and stay ahead of them.
  • Build Brand Loyalty
    Some of your followers on Twitter are prospects, thus it is necessary to tactfully make them conversant with your products. You can do this by being active participant in conversations and tweets.
  • Set up a Local Tweetup
    On Twitter platform, you can put meetups together. Simply send a message to let the participants know the place and time of the meeting.

Implementing these top tweeting tips will help you achieve meaningful and result oriented outcome with Tweeter networking.