Using twitter as an effective communication tool for your business


You might have been told that Twitter should be avoided and that it has no benefit for your business, but it is well worth considering this in more depth, because in actual fact Twitter can be used in a number of ways so that you can stay in touch with your employees and manage your reputation. Reaching out to your employees If you are part of a large or growing business it … [Read more...]

Using twitter lists effectively


Twitter lists are a great way to organise your contacts and the people you are following on Twitter so that you can really get the most out of the site and be as efficient as possible in the way that you use it. You can group the people you are following according to your own definitions and then you can track tweets from others that are relevant to these groups even if you … [Read more...]

Using twitter to promote your business

Twitter is a great social media to use, especially if you are looking to promote yourself and you want to understand your potential target market. The more people you have that follow you the better and the more likely it is that they will see what you are up to and become interested in your activities. There are lots of ways that you can boost the number of followers you … [Read more...]

Tips on how to get more followers on twitter

If you are looking to increase your twitter following, either to generate more traffic to your website or to enhance your online business. Building a larger more relevant twitter following is a very effective way to assist you in this end. Here are tips on how to build your following on twitter. First of all Identify more users who are relevant to your Niche or topic If … [Read more...]

How to achieve a quality twitter following


Tweeter is no longer something new. Today, everybody knows about Twitter; your folks, friends and even grannies are all twitting. If you have an online business, how can you take advantage of Twitter to grow your online business? Here are tips and tricks that work. Real Photos Count a Lot Social platform users prefer to connect with real faces, not logos or some … [Read more...]