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May 28, 2015

Achieve 30% Costs Reduction with Click-to-Calls – Boost Conversion Rates

Google constantly recounts how the ‘click-to-call ads feature’, it introduced at the beginning of this year is making acquisition-cost lower for advertisers.

Case study from Esurance

A case study from Esurance was pointed to by Google.
“An iPhone app that makes quotes, claim resources, and make insurance info available to users was developed by Esurance”.

In addition, mobile optimized landing pages were launched by this company for the campaign, so that prospective customers can access information with ease via the mobile web.

Also, Esurance carried out a click-to-call ad on the features and high-end mobile phones as well. Using the click-to-call feature, someone who has interest can contact an agent to get quote on a personal basis in few steps. In order to monitor the campaign’s result, the company employed special 800 numbers in their advertisements; they also optimized performance just as the campaigns went live.”

What is the result

The Results were remarkable. The company substantially reduced acquisition costs, generating customers at a cost, 30 percent lower than what it would have cost to go through other channels of marketing. Conversion rates of Esurance were also boosted. A 30-35% greater response was achieved with click-to-call mobile ads, and a 5 to 10% reduced cost per click on mobiles, relative to conventional method was achieved.

The online marketing director of Esurance has this to say; “The click-to-call Google mobile ads enabled us to bring a prospect to meet with dedicated claims rep or a licensed insurance agent; alternatively, the click-to-call ad enabled an interested person to get a quote personally in few easy steps via a mobile phone. The mobile advertising solution introduced by Google is a cost-effective technique for achieving lead acquisition, in addition to providing convenience to customers. It is also faster for the customers”.

Use your pay per click strategy to increase your earnings potential

If you want to encourage regular traffic to visit your website then pay per click is still the best method
available but the other side to this marketing style is that you could potentially stand to lose out if the
strategy you are currently working on does not end up working out. If you do manage to convert your
visitors to customers, however, then pay per click can prove quite profitable for you. It doesn’t matter
whether your marketing budget is quite considerable or relatively conservative, you could still make
pay per click work for you.

Where are you going to buy your advertising?
Firstly you should think about where you are buying your advertisements. If you are not completely
new to PPC then you will undoubtedly have considered the major players like Google, for instance, or
certain social networking sites. It is good to remember though that there are plenty of other options
you might want to look at too so try not to limit yourself. Lots of larger sites offer pay per click as do
smaller blogging sites and it might be that using these will attract even more attention to your
advertising because your rivals will not be using the same outlets. Not only this but the expense of
using pay per click on these sites will be substantially less.

Internet Marketing Packages

Saving money by using the right networks
If you spend an appropriate amount of time fishing out the places where you will attract the most
attention to your advertising you could save yourself a great deal of money and you could also reach
more potential clients. If you find that your advertising is not working as well as you had hoped it
would then the main reason for this will be that you are using the wrong network. Different people
use different networks and so to reach a specific target audience you will need to advertise on the
appropriate networks. This is why an ad can work really well for you on one network while it fails on

Spending money on targeted marketing
You may be to lessen the cost of each click by maximising on your marketing budget and taking
advantage of the different ways that this is possible.  If you decide to promote your earning
opportunities through search engines like Google, for instance, then each of your marketing
campaigns will be scored. The higher each campaign scores, the less you are going to have to pay
for each click. In essence, this means that the more you spend on promoting your campaigns to
a very specific audience, the more money you could potentially save. What you are having to
spend on each click is going to be your main concern and you will need to know how you are
going to be charged because every network can operate a little differently. Knowing about all of
the costs in advance can help you use your marketing budget to try to save on your expenses and
increase your overall earning potential.


LinkedIn PPC Advertising – Is it just another PPC Ads Platform?

You can reach out to your target market by using LinkedIn Advertising.
This is another Social Media Pay Per Click platform. LinkedIn PPC
Advertising uses demographic targeting, structured like the Facebook
advertising. The LinkedIn PPC advertising is known as LinkedIn Direct
Ads. Facebook PPC Advertising is strictly more result-oriented for
“business to consumer” models. On the other hand, LinkedIn Advertising
records more success with “business to business” models.

LinkedIn PPC advertising works like any other Pay Per Click advertising – meaning
that you must spell out an identifiable goal in your mind prior to getting ahead with
the campaign. It is also necessary to have insights on the makeup of your target
market and on the common characteristics of this target market.

Find out the demographics you can target using LinkedIn Direct Ads

Conspicuously, you are likely to reach less number of prospective users as you
get more granular!

As mentioned earlier, the LinkedIn PPC is structured like Facebook Advertising,
where you can incorporate text and may also employ a 50 by 50 pixel image if you
choose to do so. Experts recommend the use of an image to aid outstanding ads and
thus increase the chances of evoking the interest of a user.

Tracking your LinkedIn advertising effort is very essential. Bear in mind that LinkedIn
does not make conversion tracking available. Consequently, ensure that you create goals
in Google Analytics with ads attached to track traffic.

Be a fast learner and follow the quick path of online marketing strategies that make the
most out of LinkedIn Pay Per Click Advertising and other PPC advertising options.


What you need to know about yahoo search marketing

We are oblivious of the fact that Yahoo search marketing is fast following after Google’s AdWords. So, it is worth trying – the bid fees are lesser, competition is minimal and conversation rate is high. Gradually, marketers online and advertisers who want to experiment with new markets and make their products known are now migrating to Yahoo PPC which is cost-effective.

What to Gain From Your Previous CTR (Click Through Rate) Data:
Using your previous click through trends, the quality of your ad can be determined; there are other determining gauges of Yahoo that you can employ when monitoring your ad.

In essence, there are times that you need to exercise patience in the course of building your campaign, so that you can generate desirable return on investment with Yahoo! PPC. You can realize more results than what you’ve had in the past when using Yahoo PPC. Well, ensure that you put other factors involved into consideration and not just focusing on this alone.

When you’ve made up your mind to embark on a PPC campaign on Yahoo, having an upfront investment ready is very essential; this is the best way to attain success with your campaigns. Upon opening your account, it is very important that the initial deposit you made would not result in hardship; moreover, get ready to shoulder the responsibility of extra cost that may accompany your campaign. You are expected to deposit nothing less than $30. Be optimistic that your campaign would yield good returns; thus, it is important that you optimize the campaign and monitor CPC expenses.

Keep Track  of Ads
Bear in mind that the sole technique to generate favorable result with Yahoo! PPC campaigns is to ensure that you are keeping track of your entire statistics. Of course, there are certain tools provided by Yahoo to help you monitor results and generate reports, as well as track your statistics. The whole concept is that you intend getting rid of keywords that are not generating desirable result in relation to advanced matches and are not either bringing positive outcomes generally, which is only achievable when detailed information is available –  something that Yahoo! did not make available. In order to get rid of your advanced match keywords, it would be necessary to cull the keywords alongside list of terms that would be taken off, and you solely require comprehensive tracking for the compilation of this list.

If your intention is to target a flourishing Yahoo PPC campaign, focus on the seemingly insignificant areas that require improvement; also remember to upgrade the quality of your ads. Now, always remember that the essential output of PPC advertising is the outcome that follows. So, once you make it to a commendable ROI from extraordinary results, then you are ready to jolly and keep smiling.

Google Search Dynamic Changes – What is the Impact on PPC?

Recently, Google has taken several initiatives to bring into effect certain swing of changes; the question is, how many of them are benefiting Adwords performance?

Google started early September last year by introducing Google Instant, a feature that modified the display of PPC ads. Subsequently, ‘Google Place Search’ was integrated into SERP’s; this development also impacted PPC. Here’s how:

  • The Google map which enhances competitive business promotion is now featured on the page’s top right hand side. Subsequently, when a visitor scrolls up or down the page, the map floats over the paid ads.
  • The organic search now integrates reviews, addresses, phone numbers as well as other pieces of information, navigating more users, off the paid ads.

Sadly, the implication of this is that PPC ads will be producing comparable amount of impressions, but are likely to receive fewer clicks. This would impact CTR as well as Quality Score substantially.

What effect does this represent for PPC Managers?

  • As a result of the floating map, it has become more crucial to ensure that our paid ads are displayed in the first three positions. The implication is increased competition; therefore, a higher CPC is paid.
  • It is important to set up wide range of Ad Extensions to attract the attention of a user, so that competition with the organic listings would be enhanced.
  • It is necessary to move ahead with more localized PPC Ads in order to inch towards the changing dynamics of SERP’s.

From the foregoing, it can be deduced that Google tends to be giving priority to organic experience over PPC. Although these changes appear to be frustrating, smart advertisers can look beyond the frustration and see opportunities in these changes. Ensure that you move along with the trend of events!

Effective use of Google AdWords to Lower your Costs and Increase Sales

Most of you must have had bad experiences with Google AdWords. Your website advertisements might have brought in fewer returns and you must have doled out lots of money on AdWords. Fairly speaking, if properly used, Google Adwords transforms into a money minting tool.

Effectively using Google AdWords with the right settings for the right campaigns will undoubtedly ensure that your costs are reduced and sales are increased.

Relevance of the Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords consist of 4 or more words and are of a very specific nature. Studies have proved that the conversion rate of long tail keywords is higher than that of single word keywords.

Based on the recently conducted Hitwise study, it has been found that more than 18% of the searches contain five or more keywords.

Google has also confirmed that 20% of the queries received everyday on Google are either unique ones or are probably seen once in 90 days.

With improper Long Tail Keywords, you could end up spending more

Including all possible keywords in a campaign is not an easy task. A helpful and great option as recommended by Google would be to use a broad match for all of your keywords. A broad match keyword exploits unexpected, but relevant queries. Your advertisement thus appears not only with phrases containing your keywords and exact spelling, but also with keyword expansions that include synonyms, singular/plural forms and relevant variants of your keywords.

However, proper usage of a broad match is easier said than done. This is because of the countless unrelated searches that results due to the use of a broad match. You could end up paying more and getting meager returns. For example, if you have a product named “Cobra”, the word cobra would be used for searches related to the reptile variants of cobra, the vintage car or the body spray with similar name.

Enhance your conversion rate with Negative keywords

Negative keywords are included in Google AdWords campaigns to bypass searches containing these words. Your AdWords advertisement is not displayed if the negative keyword is present in a long tail keyword.

If for example, you include “-free” as a negative keyword in the Google AdWords campaigns, your advertisement is not displayed to those who are searching for free offers. This provides direction to your advertisements.

Negative keywords are also used to target advertisements at specific groups. An insurance broker could include “book” and “books” as negative keywords in his Google AdWords campaigns so as to avoid people who are searching for insurance based books.

It is hence quite essentially required that a well thought out broad match warrants the use of negative keywords, so as to could help attract potential customers. Negative keywords also wards off unwanted traffic and hence reduces the payments you would have h