Achieve 30% Costs Reduction with Click-to-Calls – Boost Conversion Rates

boost conversatin

Google constantly recounts how the ‘click-to-call ads feature’, it introduced at the beginning of this year is making acquisition-cost lower for advertisers. Case study from Esurance A case study from Esurance was pointed to by Google. “An iPhone app that makes quotes, claim resources, and make insurance info available to users was developed by Esurance". In addition, … [Read more...]

Use your pay per click strategy to increase your earnings potential

If you want to encourage regular traffic to visit your website then pay per click is still the best method available but the other side to this marketing style is that you could potentially stand to lose out if the strategy you are currently working on does not end up working out. If you do manage to convert your visitors to customers, however, then pay per click can prove … [Read more...]

LinkedIn PPC Advertising – Is it just another PPC Ads Platform?

You can reach out to your target market by using LinkedIn Advertising. This is another Social Media Pay Per Click platform. LinkedIn PPC Advertising uses demographic targeting, structured like the Facebook advertising. The LinkedIn PPC advertising is known as LinkedIn Direct Ads. Facebook PPC Advertising is strictly more result-oriented for “business to consumer” models. … [Read more...]

What you need to know about yahoo search marketing

We are oblivious of the fact that Yahoo search marketing is fast following after Google’s AdWords. So, it is worth trying – the bid fees are lesser, competition is minimal and conversation rate is high. Gradually, marketers online and advertisers who want to experiment with new markets and make their products known are now migrating to Yahoo PPC which is cost-effective. What … [Read more...]

Google Search Dynamic Changes – What is the Impact on PPC?

Recently, Google has taken several initiatives to bring into effect certain swing of changes; the question is, how many of them are benefiting Adwords performance? Google started early September last year by introducing Google Instant, a feature that modified the display of PPC ads. Subsequently, ‘Google Place Search’ was integrated into SERP’s; this development also impacted … [Read more...]