Increasing traffic flow to your blog

It can take a while to stream traffic to your blog and it can be disheartening for people who have not
been blogging long to find that they are not getting the readership they had hoped for. There are
ways to encourage people to your blog though.

Publish to Bookmarking sites
You could publish your articles through social bookmarking sites. These are
accessible to everyone and are completely free so get a lot of traffic. This will
draw a great deal of attention to your articles and get you some real exposure.
You can submit your articles yourself or have your readers submit them for
you. If your article is particularly good then you can expect lots of readers
and you should only send your best articles to these bookmarking sites.
If you bombard them with your work then the site might start to recognise
your work as spam and will stop publishing for you.

Get Involved with other Blogs
Choose blogs that are similar to the topics you write about and get involved in the discussion around
them. People will soon start to check out your own blogs and comment on your writing too. This can
generate a fair bit of traffic to your blog and as people become familiar with your writing they will
start to read what you have to say more frequently.

Link with other Blogs
Link to other blogs that discuss topics that are related to what you write about. You could request
links in return but more often than not you won’t need to as you will often receive a link back anyway.
You should aim to do this frequently to build up the number of links back to your own blog and
increase your blog’s validity. This will draw traffic to your blog and encourage increased readership.

Work on your Blog Daily
The more you add to your blog and the more you work on it, the more you will add to the quality.
The better the quality of your content the more traffic you will receive. This tends to be the general
message anyway, so it is worth bearing in mind.

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Change what you write about
Think about what you are writing about and the style of your writing. You may well be up against lots
of writers even in the niche you have chosen. If you want to be noticed you have to stand out so avoid
sicking to the same topics and writing about the same things. Don’t write what other people are writing
as your readers will have already read it before. Think about writing interesting and original articles
that people will want to read so that people will come back to your blog on a regular basis.

These tips should help you get started so that the traffic to your blog improves and your content
becomes trusted and gains credibility. Working on your blog regularly will add to the quality of your
work so that your articles will receive more recognition as well as more attention.





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