Hints and tips to help direct traffic to your blog

If you are a blogger then you will undoubtedly aim to increase the flow of traffic to your blog, and there
are some key things that you can do to achieve this.

Choose a Topic you are Familiar with
The first thing that you should do is make sure that you are writing about a subject you know a great deal
about or that you feel you are an authority on. If you want people to want to visit your
site then you need to make sure you are giving them useful information and that
you sound like you know what you are talking about.

Be Original to keep your Quality High
Keep the quality of your writing high as well. Be original in your writing and do not
copy what anyone else has written as this will be picked up straight away. If you
link  with other people’s blogs and they link back to yours then this will improve
the quality of your content also.

Read what other experts have to say
If you want to be an expert then read what other experts have to say. Find out what they are talking about
and learn what topics are particularly current and interesting at the moment. You can follow suit by
opening up your own.

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Keep your blog updated
It is important that you update your blog regularly. You may attract interest at first and may start to build
up a loyal readership but if after a while you stop updating as regularly you will soon start to lose your
audience as they will get tired of reading stale content.

Add in an image that matches what you are writing about
If you add an image into your post then you may find that the content is more attractive to readers. People
will see what you have written and start to relate to it. To achieve this effect, however, you need to make
sure that the image you use matches the content of your article.

Format your blog in a way that is easy to understand
Your blog should be laid out in a way that is simple and easy to read. Avoid a complicated layout where the
text cannot be read for all of the graphics or where the design makes your blog hard to read. Don’t use too
much coding and avoid using JavaScripts where your content will sit. Flash objects will detract from the
bog so you might not want to include them if you want your text to be able to stand alone.

Keep your upload time short
You should remember that the amount of time your blog takes to upload is an important factor in whether
people will stick with it and wait to read it. If it is too long then you will have lost your audience. Keep your
upload time as short as you can. You should also remember that Google takes the upload time into
consideration when assessing the quality of your content. A wordpress plugin or resizing the images you
have included could all help achieve this aim.

Reply to your readership
If someone comments on your blog then you should comment in return. This will build a good relationship
with your readers and if you use a wordpress plugin you can be notified when this happens so that you can
be quick to post your response. You could pose a question to your readers to see what they come up with.
This will all help you to engage with the people that read what you write about.

Share your blog through an RSS feed and if you want to increase your traffic you could always try
interviewing particularly well-established bloggers that write on similar topics to you. This will create
interest amongst your readers and get them visiting your blog.





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