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May 29, 2015

Tips on how to write good content for SEO Purposes

SEO content is a necessity as more and more SEOs are focused and inclined towards
quality content. The importance of content was always present, but neglected to the
fact that more importance was given to link building to achieve higher rankings for
websites. This belief has changed drastically. With Google releasing newer versions
of Penguin and Panda updates every month or more often, the focus has shifted
towards quality and unique content. The better the content is for a website, the
higher are the chances for a website to rank in a search engine.

Writing content should serve a definite purpose. It is either
being written to gain brand value for a particular website or
for a website that wants to rank higher in search engines.
Here is a list of what a SEO writer focus should on while
writing content for SEO: –

Writing good unique content – content should be of top notch
quality. There should be no compromise with quality. Quality
content is not the only factor, SEO writing services or an
SEO writing company should also make sure of all every
content strip they write is unique and relevant to the targeted
audiences and their business. Good solid content is the
foundation  to SEOing your website. A good and unique content  written today will reap the benefits of it tomorrow. Without good content it is just not
possible to stand out in the crowd.

Intellectual writing – writing should be of top notch quality. It should look like
it was written by an experienced SEO writer.

Providing credible information: – without credible information, it would be hard
to keep visitors on the site. This is not only useful for one’s business but also serves
as a demand for a seo writing company providing the service. Seo writers or
article content writers should keep a track of all the links where articles have been
posted. This should serve as a portfolio of what they have done in the past and what
they can deliver now for future prospective clients.

Hiring a professional editor: – A professional editor can help provide important inputs
to a website’s content writing. They are experienced and have the necessary knowledge
on how to get the stuff done. Pay a little fee to get the professional work cut out. This
will not only help in providing good professional content but also unique content.

Compare with competitor websites: – surfing through competitors’ websites will give a
website and its owner a fair idea of what one can expect. This will help in getting the
latest strategy updates and tips on how to improve in content writing and much more.

If you would like further information about  SEO click here

Using social media as part of your marketing strategy

Facebook is perhaps one of the best know social networking sites, used by a fantastically large number of people in all four corners of the world. Unsurprisingly, many businesses both small and large have tapped into the benefits that Facebook affords so that they can reach out to as wide an audience as possible. The way that businesses have used social media has evolved and developed into a marketing strategy that is given a considerable amount of time, energy, and budgetary allowance because of the potential that using social media can have. Learning what these strategies are and how you can use them is essential.

Using Facebook and posting content
You should give a great deal of thought to what you are going to post but before you post it you should ask yourself whether it will get the right amount of attention or whether by posting at a different time a day you will gain more exposure. Newsfeeds tend to only show the latest posts. If you post at 2am then by the time your audience come to log on, there will be lots of other posts that have come after and will show up before yours.

Encourage people to comment and to share
Think about whether what you have posted invites people to act on it. Asking questions, for instance, invite responses and encourages people to share their opinions. If you want to post images then make sure they convey a statement or a message that is relevant to your post. Something simple will attract more attention than something that is very detailed and difficult to see from the thumbnail that will appear in the newsfeed.

Using Twitter to get the most out of your tweets
Twitter is widely used and great for users who want to stay updated with what their favourite causes, celebrities, charities, and organisations are doing every minute of the day. The main feature of Twitter is that it comprises brief posts made up of a limited number of characters. To get the hang of it you must be able to post messages that are succinct and to the point. There are ways that you can get the most out of the characters, though. There are abbreviations and features that you can use in your ‘tweet’ that will draw attention to what you have posted.

Using hashtags and Twitter features
Hashtags highlight keywords in your post that others will be able to find when searching for posts that are relevant to something they are interested in. Hashtags also create trends so that if people are discussing the same topics and using the same keywords, Twitter recognises this as a trending discussion and highlights it on your user page. If you see a trend that is relevant to your business, capitalise on it by using their hashtags in your own posts with a link back to your site.You can also include the abbreviate #RT to encourage people to ‘retweet’ your information and show support.

Using Google+ to organise and inform your contacts
Google+ is becoming an increasingly popular tool too and is part of Google’s social networking strategy. Using this tool you can organise your contacts into circles for ease of communication, talk to them in real time, and share information with groups of people depending on your interests. You can comment on the information that has been shared and reciprocate. The information you choose to share can be anything from an article to a spreadsheet that you can grant other people permission to use. This gives you rather more opportunities than Facebook and Twitter in this regard but to get the most out of social networking, most strategies would use all three!


Engaging with your audience through social networking sites

If you are going to use social networking to promote your website then you should consider what the
main rules are that you will need to follow. Many people assume that if they set up a page and add
product description then people will take the time to look at their products and spend time on their
pages. If people simply wanted a catalogue they would ring up and order one. People who use social
media have greater expectations and will be looking for you to engage within a social context. As such,
you will need to understand what is involved in engaging with your potential consumers and you will
need to gain an appreciation of how important this is to your business’ growth.

Build up a strong relationship from the outset
Before you start to sell to your customers, build up a good
relationship with them and engage with them about topics
that are relevant to your business. Interact with your potential
customers right from the outset.

Stay on topic and don’t get distracted
When you are engaging with your potential customers,
try to stay on topic rather than veer off onto other subjects
that have nothing to do with your industry. For instance,
if you sell clothes there is very little point in telling people
about great insurance deals. This doesn’t mean that you must
only ever discuss issues that are directly related to clothing,
however. If the subject is relevant and is associated with your
products then there is no harm in sharing ideas and opinions. Getting your audience talking about things
that relate to your business will ultimately serve you well.

 Maintain the efforts you made at the start
Maintain your efforts. Many businesses start off with the best intentions and have some wonderful ideas about using social media. In the first few weeks and months, there will be plenty of posts and lots of interaction but then these efforts typically tail off and become increasingly sparse. If your audience is used to fresh and interesting content every week then you must keep up with this or else they will look for new content elsewhere.

 Express interest in your readers
As you engage and interact with your audience remember to take the time to ask for information as well as to provide it. As you do not know your readers personally this can prove quite difficult. You will not have any frame of reference in which to inquire because you don’t know anything about them. See this, though, as an opportunity to find out more and gain information. This is your market research. Just as you are trying to encourage people to learn about you and your business, why not learn about your target market. What sites do they look at and what kind of content do they look at. Use this to inform the information that you share with them. This will build on your relationship and encourage your readers to feel heard and listened to.

Respond to posts in a reasonable time
Ensure that you take the time to respond to people when they post on your site or when they send messages. Your readers will soon become disinterested if they are taking time to post or share information but see that you are not reciprocating. Take time out of your day every day to check for any notifications, and respond with something substantial. An acknowledgement can go a long way towards maintaining relationships.

Stay relevant and keep your eye on your goal
Remember that what you share should add value. The communication you have with your audience should all be geared towards your business and what you sell. Everything that you post should be relevant to your products and brand and create interest and discussion. Anything that won’t have this effect should be avoided as it will only detract from your aims.


Building your LinkedIn company profile page

LinkedIn has for some time been considered the Facebook for professional networkers. It has become a handy tool for people to look up other jobs that are similar to their own and identify employment opportunities. Recruiters have begun to use the tool to identify potential employees. Lots of small businesses as well as larger one have used the site to share a little about their business.

How LinkedIn has helped others
A great deal of information exists about how LinkedIn might be used to help professionals position themselves as industry experts and the ‘go-to’ people for answers. Lots of people have worked very hard to get themselves to a point where they have become valuable information providers and have done very well as a result, fostering the growth of their own small businesses.

LinkedIn’s new company overview page
LinkedIn has now created the ‘company page’ for any business of any size to promote their goods and services in a more usable way so that all relevant information pertaining to that company is accessible and in the one place. Companies can create profiles for themselves that can target potential customers as well as potential employees and can take the opportunity to inform people why they are so good at what they do, but in a more interactive way than before.

How the company overview page can be used
The company page is your opportunity to post lots of information about what it is you do, why you do it, and who you do it for so that at first glance, a visitor to your page can get a feel for your business and what it’s about. There are products and services pages too so that you can upload information, product descriptions, or service overviews as well as images. You can add in a link to your blog through uploading your RSS feed so that people can read what you are blogging through your LinkedIn page. This brings together the media that you are using and directs traffic between you blog and your profile to increase visitors to both.

Networking with others in the same industry as yours
Your company profile page allows you to link in with others in the same industry as you and stay connected to industry peers. You can create strategic alliances and keep informed of changes that are happening amongst your rivals. You can position yourself as an excellent employer to work for and add testipromonials from your employees together with images of your office space or working environment.

Granting others permission to update your page
Your LinkedIn company profile page can be updated as frequently as you require and if you work in a particularly large organisation you can grant access to certain individuals to make these updates for you. You can follow other businesses that are within the same industry as our own or whose products and services are relevant to your own. In turn they may well reciprocate so that you can increase your followers and network with others at the same time. In so doing you will begin to engage and network and broaden your audience.

Ensuring that your posts add value
As your audience grows your need for interesting content and relevant updates will increase so that you will need to think about everything you post. Consider whether what you are adding will add value to your business and whether it will encourage others to read more about you or look through your products and services. As you build on your business presence ensure that people have something to gain by networking with you and don’t lose focus on your aim.

Search engine optimisation in international marketing

We are all aware of the fact that we need to pay acute attention to search engine optimisation, with
particular emphasis on inbound links if we are to have our websites appear in the search engine
results pages. You are probably fairly familiar by now with how you might go about doing this
successfully when reaching out to your regional or national audience. If you are going continental,
however, or trying to reach a multinational audience then you need to consider how confident you
are that you know how to use SEO to reach out to people around the world. If you are marketing your website
to an international audience, then targeting a certain country requires an enhanced skill set in search engine
optimisation. Finding out what it takes to achieve this, though, can be difficult to do but you will need to
develop a strategy if you are going to achieve your aims. We have put together some tips you can follow.

Make sure your meta tags include the language you are
using for the country you are targeting
The first thing you will need to do is identify which countries
you are aiming to target and then tell Google that you are
doing this. Google needs to know what country you are from
and what language you are speaking. You can do this
through  meta tags by changing the content section
of the tag. If you  aren’t sure which meta tag you should
be using then you  should be able to find all of these
online. Once you have done  this you will have increased
your chances of being found online when someone searches for a relevant search item in the language you choose.

 Be careful to use appropriate spelling variations
Be sure to familiarise yourself with variations in spelling even when you are using a commonly used language such as English. Many countries use English but spell certain words differently. To make sure that you don’t isolate people you will want to ensure that you use the appropriate version of certain words. This also becomes important for keywords when it comes to ranking keywords in search engines. Yours will need to match the country you are targeting if you want the site to appear in the search engine’s results pages.

Build sites with relevant domain extensions
If you are able to then you should think about building a site with the appropriate domain extension so that Google, or any other search engine is aware of where to rank you. If someone searches for a certain keyword the search engine will pull up results that are closest to where the searcher is based. If you have the right domain extension then Google will know that you are a relevant search item and you stand a greater chance of being ranked in the results listing. To get around the problem of duplicated content you can have your domains redirect to your main website so that there aren’t multiple sites out there with the same content on all of them.

Format your dates according to the country you are targeting
It is a small point but a very important one to make, but formatting the date according to the standard of the country you are targeting is essential. People sometimes search for content that is relevant to a certain date and will key the date in to the search tool. If the date on your site is in the wrong format then you will not be ranked in the results.

Include an address that is local to your target country
Google wants to return results that are most relevant and as part of that process they will look for information on your site that signifies your location. If you have a mailing address in the country you are targeting include in the content of your website.

Encourage inbound links from the relevant countries
Inbound links are of course still very important when targeting other countries so ensure that you are receiving inbound links from the country you are targeting to increase traffic. Links specific to the area you are targeting help create authority and will encourage search engines to recognise you as a relevant website.


How to use your facebook fan page to market your business

Businesses are increasingly recognising the value and
importance of creating a facebook page   to market their
brand and their products but once these pages have
been created many businesses let their pages slide and
don’t keep on top of them. This means that they are not
adequately tapping into the potential that their pages can
afford them. If you want to make the most out of your page
here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Interact with other businesses to encourage them to interact with you
Fan pages have grown from their initial format so that they have a number of options for
you in terms of how you manage your page and interact with other pages. You can choose
‘Page’ mode so that you can post on other pages or on the profiles of people you know.
Although you can’t view your posts in the order they were posted anymore, as a Facebook
administrator you can opt to view them in the order you want to which will help you manage
your page a little bit more effectively.

Personalise your posts with your own identity
If you are in page view mode then you will need to create an identity for yourself because
your fan page name is going to be the name of your business rather than your own name.
Creating an identity means that you can interact on a personal note rather than under the
name of your business, which will enhance the way that you engage with other people and
their pages.

Engage with businesses that are not in the same industry as your own
If you want to engage with other businesses so that they will engage with you then it is
probably better that you do so with businesses that are not in the same industry as you
own. This will take away the degree of competition between you so that you can
contribute positively. This will probably give you a better overall result too.

Filter out unwanted posts with the spam filter
If you are worried about spam then you can filter content for spam. You can use the spam
filter under ‘edit page’ which will allow you to put in keywords that you can use to filter out
unwanted posts. You can decide how you receive notifications under this tool too so that
you can receive them by email if you so choose.

Altering your photo strip to manage your images
Use the photo strip at the top of your page to your advantage. This will automatically be the
last five photos you have taken and uploaded but you can manage these by deleting them
from the strip and posting more recent pictures. You can also change the description to
include calls to action so that your fans know what to do, whether this is to share them or
like them.

Order your links so your visitors can see everything you are linking to
Manage your links using the ‘more’ link so that you can rearrange the order of them. Keep
your welcome page at the bottom as this is where people will land first and here they will be
able to see an expansion of your links list so that they can see all of the links you have on
your site at first glance.

Use the iFrames to include different content
You can design and upload a whole page to exist within an iFrame and customise is how you
wish to include any content and icons for people to use. These iFrames might seem a little
complicated but they give you a number of different options in terms of adding content.

Update all of your fans with links to your post
Use the updates feature to tell your fans what’s happening on your page. You can include
links to certain posts in the update so that all of your fans will receive an update with a link
to what you want them to look at.

Make sure your fans can see your activity in the news feed
The more you post and the more active you are with your fan page the more likely you are
to show up in news feeds. A lot of people will only visit your site once and like it but then
never return to it so to make sure that they do, stay active so that they can see what is happening.

How to sell more at lower costs on Google AdWords

Without adequate care, you can end up spending too much on Google AdWords and not get anything in return. However, your conversion rate can greatly be improved by effecting a few little changes.
A lot of people incur lots of expenses on their Google AdWords because of the wrong settings they employ in their campaigns.

Achieve better conversion with Long Tail Keywords – You can find many of them


Detailed studies have revealed that long tail keywords achieve quite high conversion rates when compared with single word keywords.
Long tail keywords refer to specific keywords consisting of 4 words or more.

The result of a recent Hitwise study shows that over 18% of searches have 5 keywords or more. Google also confirms that 20% of the queries they receive on a daily basis are ones that haven’t been tried in at least 3 months (90 days), and sometimes turn out to be first time keywords.


Using wrong Long Tail Keywords will cost you money


It may be a great idea to employ broad match for every keyword you use. Including all possible keywords manually in your campaigns is something that cannot be done and so, Google recommends that you employ broad match with your keywords.

Broad match is an excellent way to take advantage of those unanticipated but relevant keywords. When you incorporate a keyword as a broad match, your ad that follows will be qualified to appear next to queries with that precise spelling, in addition, it is also capable of capturing keyword expansions which include synonyms, applicable variation of your keywords, singular/plural forms, as well as phrases that contain your keywords.

However, it may not be as easy as it sounds, if you employ a broad match for every keyword of yours, it means your ads will be displayed for many irrelevant searches, and you will spend much money without having anything to show for it. For instance, the word “union” would be employed in carrying out searches about unions equipment, marriage union, trade union etc.

Because of this, it is necessary not to include the long tail keywords that are not relevant to your website.

Conversion Rate Increases with the Use of Negative Keywords


You can use negative keywords (as it is referred) in your Google AdWords campaigns. If one of your negative keywords is contained in a long tail keyword, your AdWords ads would not be displayed.

For instance, a case where you enter “-free” as a negative keyword, you won’t have your AdWord ad displayed when someone carries out a search for free things. The use of negative keywords is excellent for excluding web visitors searching for only free items.

You can employ a negative keyword when displaying the ad for a particular target group or audience.

When any of your keywords has two or more meanings as seen in the case of “union”, given above, a great way to exclude searches that are not related is to add negative keywords.

Broad match is a good way to garner more clients; however, you need to use this option with care. When you employ broad match with your keywords, remember to use negative keywords to avoid paying for needless traffic.

Techniques to increase more clicks to your web links

If you aim at getting a high rank on Google and other renowned search engines, it is imperative that you get quality links to your website.

It is unfortunate that this task is among the most difficult ones to achieve. How well are you taking advantage of your existing links?
More often, it is quite simple and easy to enhance your existing backlinks than getting entirely new links.

  • Make corrections on the links that point to your initial domain name
    If you have previously changed your domain name, it is possible that some people still link to it. Certainly, the links to your previous domain name ought to redirect to your current domain name using a 301 redirect to make sure you still retain the link. However, links via 301 redirects do not go by the full link power to your site.As a result, you need to get in touch with the webmasters that linked to your old domain name, and request that they link to your current domain. This is great way to improve the effects of the links on the ranking of your website in search engines’ result.
  • Make Necessary Changes Or Corrections to Broken Pages on Your Websit
    Examine the statistics of your website and redirect every link that points to a non-existing (404) page on your site, to a real page (existing page) on your website. This will help in giving a proper direction to your visitors. Like in the first instance, you can contact the previous webmasters and request that they change the links.
  • Endeavour to Enhance the Link Texts
    While in touch with webmasters to request for links to your new domain name, you can also use the opportunity to propose new link texts to be used for your links.
  • Make Suggestions of Other Related Websites to the Webmasters
    This is another technique that can get your ranking on top slots. When you request for links from webmasters, it is a good idea to also suggest relevant websites to them. “Relevant”, means that the websites you are suggesting must be related to yours and more importantly should also have quality content. In a situation where a website links to your website, and that same website links to other websites that are relevant to the central topic of your site, there is always a higher possibility that search engines will see your website as being relevant to that topic.
  • Examine the Links Residing on Your Website
    In order to see some of your web pages in the search results of Google, you have to link those pages from your own web pages.
    When a page is concealed in the navigation process of your site, there are little chances that the specific page will gain a satisfactory position in Google’s search result.


Why you should build a mailing list as part of your marketing strategy

If you are looking to market your goods and services online then it is important that you have
a mailing list in place but getting one started, and then maintaining it can be difficult so you will
need a good starting point. If you can create a good, working mailing list then the impact on
your business could be substantial.

Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up
The first rule of thumb is to make your sign-up forms really easy to find
on your website and noticeable on every page that a visitor might click
through. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that they can
simply add it on the final page of their site, but by the time the visitor
reaches this page – if they reach it at all – chances are they won’t be
bothered to. Getting traffic to your site is a challenge in the first place
but having your visitors come to your site only to leave again without
having signed up for more information is a huge wasted opportunity.
You should aim to attract as much attention as possible with your
sign-ups so that you create an expansive mailing list from the people
who are looking at your site and already interested in what you have
to sell.

Build up trust between you and your contacts
If you are going to build up a good working relationship with your clients then you will need
to instill trust. This means making your privacy policy accessible for all. If people are going
to sign up to your mailing list then they want to know that you are keeping their information
secure so that other people aren’t able to access it.

Add incentives to encourage people to sign up
Send out incentives to people via your website so that your visitors will be more inclined to
sign up. This doesn’t mean a free gift for everyone that joins your mailing list but perhaps a
free entry into a prize draw or a discount code that they can use off their next purchase.

Don’t request too much information during the sign up
If you are going to encourage your site’s visitors to have confidence in you then keep the
amount of information you are requesting from them to a minimum. If you ask for too
much people will simply turn away out of suspicion. There is a line to be crossed and it is
careful that you only ask for information you are going to use. You can always obtain further
information at a later date once the relationship has been established.

Maintaining your mailing list
Once you have created your mailing list you will need to sustain it to avoid people from opting
out. You also need to ensure that your contacts are reading your content otherwise your
efforts will have been in vain. Keep your content fresh and interesting and include promotional
codes and discounts where possible. Make sure you are providing your mailing list with access
to information that others do not have so that there is some worth to receiving your emails.
If you can achieve this then you will drive traffic to your site on a continued basis which will
ultimately convert to sales.

Power pack your social media with valuable contents

Whether you have been a participant of the social media conversations or not, you may be aware of or could know the meaning of some of these terms:  Tweet; Retweet; @ reply; Status update; Sphinn; Digg; Wall post; Tag.

Okay, let’s assume you don’t really meddle much with what’s going on the internet, but you must have at least heard about the current Facebook outrage regarding the faulty ‘Dislike’ button.

What message does this convey? Social media has reached every nook and cranny; consequently, it is fast becoming a sought after platform for businesses targeting to establish brand awareness and embark on targeted dialogue with consumers. Therefore, a company’s content that is intended for its social media campaign, should carry enough weight.  When businesses fail to take advantage of their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as other social media accounts to come out with unique, captivating content that links with their customer base, they are missing an essential opportunity to spread their influence and brand message.

Social media content and messages possess exceptional capability to establish appropriate, continuous conversation between a company and its customers. Real-time updates of companies’ recent promotions and coupons can be made available to both existing and potential customers, while offering answers to their questions and creating a professional source of industry information.

Recently, a survey put together by HubSpot, Kingfish Media and Junta42 showcased a commendable work pointing out the connections that exist between excellently created, original content and a result-oriented social media promotion or campaign. Respondents in sales/marketing management and corporate management positions (457 in number) filled out the survey. Here are some of the exceptional discoveries from the survey:

  • Unique content (whether branded or expert) is extensively the most widely used social media technique – branded has 73 percent while expert has 72 percent.
  • Nearly 90 percent of the respondents affirm that original content is a must for achieving successful social media campaign.
  • Audience development for social media content rates top in the list of today’s marketers’ objectives.

From the foregoing, it is quite obvious that content has maintained its kingship position, and at the same time has spread its influence to the social media platform. The best description of the scenario is given by Gordon Plutsky (King Fish Media’s director of marketing and research); “this survey is a confirmation of what we have been saying for several years now, that the key to establishing an emotional connection is content. Social media has clearly emerged as a flexible avenue for offering it to suitable persons in their chosen format.”