Achieve 30% Costs Reduction with Click-to-Calls – Boost Conversion Rates

boost conversatin

Google constantly recounts how the ‘click-to-call ads feature’, it introduced at the beginning of this year is making acquisition-cost lower for advertisers. Case study from Esurance A case study from Esurance was pointed to by Google. “An iPhone app that makes quotes, claim resources, and make insurance info available to users was developed by Esurance". In addition, … [Read more...]

E-Business Globalization and Localization – Major steps to achieving multilingual SEO success


Until the recent past, you could count on one hand the number of companies that really cared to adapt their websites for foreign markets. Even the people who opted to do so were not serious enough with their efforts; they only embarked on a translation of their English copy to the local language and commenced business transactions. They were not substantially motivated to … [Read more...]

Why content writing is considered to be a valuable part of SEO now

The year has changed the way the world does SEO. It was the year for SEOs and Google news all the way. After Penguin and Panda updates, content strategy was introduced and given more weight and priority than link building campaigns. As link building campaigns were demoted, building bulk links with tons of similar anchor text are not going to be helpful anymore; the SEO … [Read more...]

What is Ezine marketing and how does it help


Ezine is one of the toughest article directories to get your article approved, but it is one of the best article directories to promote your business or business website into. It helps you drive traffic and generate credibility for your website and helps your business. Ezine being one of the hottest article promotion directories in the market, it should be utilized … [Read more...]

Expand your business with LinkedIn


Business networking has undergone a major transformation with the emergence of social networking sites. Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the most popular sites that business owners prefer to use for their business promotion. LinkedIn is the latest in marketing tools for business promotion. If you think that it is not your cup of tea as you are not into social networking, … [Read more...]